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Close tolerancesPSD designs most machines in-house, in a modular form to be easy to transport, set up and to operate. Units can be used as stand alone machines or in combinations to give wider performance and throughput capabilities. The machines are built specifically for the rental market where reliability is of great importance, yet where operating costs need to be low. The design principles that we employ for our equipment mean that they achieve the optimum performance from the components used and that each machine will provide better performance than similar sized or rated machines available elsewhere on the international rental market.

Our policies of environmental awareness and continuous improvement using input from clients, plant operators, designers and equipment manufacturers ensure that our machines are at the forefront of technology and performance and are easy to operate and maintain.

As an example, the creation by PSD of a new class of high volume SOLIDSMASTER® desander, coupled with the use of very efficient ‘SU’ desilters, revolutionised mud cleaning for HDD, making on-line cleaning a reality and reducing or eliminating the need for large volume mud storage pits.

We are constantly trying to fit more and more improvements in to our machines and since 1998, we have used a Unigraphics 3D CAD system to assist with the design of our new machinery and equipment upgrades. Every component is modelled and accurately positioned in 3D space so that a virtual reality model is created. When this is complete two dimensional drawings are produced and used for the fabrication of the equipment. The precision of the 3D design coupled with accurate fabrication enabled the 152DP and S3-01-G centrifuges to be constructed so that the centrifuge modules could be stored inside its tank with only millimetres to spare. This specialist software is very important to us and is updated every few months.

Our 3D modelling software enables us to produce models and detailed drawings of plants, which is very useful especially for larger plants. 

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