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We are committed to a providing the highest level of service and equipment that is second to none. We design and build our equipment with safety, performance and reliability at the top of the list and we think that the comments that we've received about our equipement and the service that we offer speak for themselves:

  • "PSD's equipment does exactly what it says on the tin!"
  • "From an operations point of view the centrifuge performed very well with everything we threw at it.  Availability-wise the unit was well inside what we would expect, in fact the separation plant as a whole (supplied by PSD) performed well throughout the whole project.  Given that we did have to worry about, having high confidence in the separation plant allowed us to focus on other areas.  The spares that we ordered arrived with minimal fuss within the timescales and correspondence has been concise and timely, you're an easy supplier to deal with."
  • Thank you to the PSD team for helping make the LCK project a success. Many people in Hong Kong are impressed with what we have achieved."
  • "Many thanks for the excellent service."
  • “the centrifuges dealt with it admirably, with no significant downtime experienced on the STP at all, either due to breakdown or material processing."
  • "as long as you keep maintaining everything it's super reliable."
  • "We chose PSD with the expectation that they would provide a robust plant to minimise down time. PSD easily delivered on this expectation and were flexible enough to go above and beyond our original delivery programme requirements.”
  • “I would not hesitate to recommend PSD to anyone in the mud separation game who values reliability, service, and professionalism.”
  • "The team from Tyne Tunnel would just like to thank your company for all your hard work and support over the last 18 months.  It has been greatly appreciated and your dedication has helped make this project a success."
  • "Been a pleasure, all equipment has worked well and you guys have supplied a great back-up service."
  • "I cannot remember encountering such a professional equipment supplier."
  • "Congratulations, PSD managed 0% TBM delays. The duration was actually 10 hours overall or 0.23% but a fantastic achievement. It is so low that it is hard to remember even that much!"
  • "It is testament to the amount of effort that PSD put in to designing and building the equipment that they could ship so much plant around the world and assemble it in the space of a week or so then install power and test it in another couple of weeks. We awarded the order for this work in late January 2005 and the plant was prepared, delivered, set up and commissioned on site to exactly the original programme timing. Well done PSD!"
  • "Please congratulate all the team in Hong Kong for their great efforts on this difficult and challenging project."
  • "We were extremely impressed with your desander and desilter at St. Giles Court – it saved probably 2 hours per hole. Impressive stuff indeed."
  • "My congratulations on a very professional job, please pass on my thanks."
  • "Looks like you achieved 99.1% plant availability, which is pretty amazing.  Thanks for all your support."
  • "We have been very pleased with the SU300DP, it was very efficient and its treatment capacity is much better than other desilters."
  • "We used to use our own mud system and it was forever breaking down but now we hire in equipment from PSD and we hardly have any downtime at all, it's fantastic."
  • "Fantastic. Really good service and hope to work with you in the future."


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