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Spares & consumables

Boxed screensOur machines are built to be reliable and to withstand wear; it's what our reputation is built on.  Nevertheless parts do require replacement from time to time.  We hold stocks of many spare parts and consumables for our machines at our UK offices and plant yard, however we understand that on some projects, clients might require a specific stock holding on site, perhaps due to the geographic location, the criticality of delays or just the size of the project.
We collect data on spare parts and consumables usage and we are happy to use this data and our experience to help clients make a judgement on the level of spares & consumables that might be reasonable to hold on site. Of course, most clients are happy to rely on our central stock holding and we do our best to keep sufficient stocks for our anticipated workload.  We have excellent arrangements with our international freight forwarders Cardinal Maritime and with couriers such as TNT International, UK Pallet-Track and TNT UK to ensure that we can get parts dispatched quickly and delivered by the most appropriate service.
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