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POLYFLOC Flocculants

PSD have a wide range of flocculants, called POLYFLOC. These include:

  • Solid grade flocculants
  • Liquid grade flocculants
  • Anionic flocculants
  • Cationic flocculants
  • High charge flocculants
  • Low charge flocculants
  • High molecular weight flocculants
  • Low molecular weight flocculants
In addition we supply electrolytes, primary coagulants and pH modifiers. For clients renting equipment from us, we offer a free testing and support service to assess suitable flocculant products on a project specific basis.  The most effective products often differ between applications, depending upon the local geology, local water and other contaminants such as bentonite.
Technical and Safety Data Sheets will always be supplied with any products or upon request.  Links to sample Technical and Safety Data on some of our POLYFLOC products are below.  Please contact us if you require further product information.
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