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There are many different types of bentonite powder including natural Sodium Montmorillonite clay, activated Calcium Montmorillonite clay and chemically or polymer enhanced clays. Bentonite powders are available with yields from 60 to 200 barrels per ton. The selection of the correct bentonite with the appropriate characteristics for the particular job will nearly always result in less problems and higher productivity, thereby lowering the overall production costs.
Bentonite slurries or muds, are used to fulfill a number of prime functions in excavation, including:
  • to support of the ground being excavated through formation of an effective filter cake and maintenance of pressure,
  • to transport excavated cuttings to the surface,
  • to lubricate and reduce wear in pipework and machinery,
  • to act as a coolant,
  • to provide a fluid capable of keeping excavated cuttings in suspension.
PSD doesn't supply bentonite, but we can help you to select suitable bentonite and other products for your particular application, see our testing facilities section for further information on this.
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