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News : Praise from New Zealand

Earthquake damage to railway tracksOur equipment has recently completed work on another project in Christchurch, New Zealand.  The PSD equipment working on the Chrischurch MSU included a desander and an S4-1-G centrifuge, all of which were caught up in the earthquake of February 2011.  The equipment was pretty much unscathed, but was deep within the army cordon in the Christchurch CBD.  The PSD desander and centrifuge went on to complete work on the project in February 2012, which involved 1700mm diameter drives with a combined length of 4km
Our client commented:
"From an operations point of view the centrifuge performed very well with everything we threw at it.  Availability-wise the unit was well inside what we would expect, in fact the separation plant as a whole (supplied by PSD) performed well throughout the whole project.  Given what we did have to worry about, having high confidence in the separation plant allowed us to focus on other areas."
"The spares that we ordered arrived with minimal fuss within the timescales and correspondence has been concise and timely, you're an easy supplier to deal with."

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