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News : New record set in South Australia

On 14th July 2010 McConnell Dowell Abigroup ADP JV completed the 1000m long 3.44m diameter drive for a seawater intake tunnel at Adelaide Desalination Project.  This tunnel was excavated through varying ground conditions including high plasticity clay, and was excavated in 9 weeks with daily rates of advance up to 26.4m which is a South Australian record for this type of ground. The TBM used a circulation rate of up to 500m3/hr and the slurry was processed by a PSD Slurry Treatment Plant (STP) having a capacity of 500m3/hr. The STP availability was over 99%.

A second tunnel is in the course of construction by a second TBM at the same site and is expected to be completed in September 2010.

STP for Adelaide Desalination  Project

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