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News : Another SU300DP Desilter joins the fleet

Nearly 3 years since PSD announced the successful launch of the new SU300DP Desilter, the 4th machine of its type has joined the fleet and gone straight out on rental to SPIE FONDATIONS in Marseille. The machine is the latest of PSD’s compact desilters but has an SU300DP hydrocycloneseven higher fluid and solids handling capacity than PSD's previous desilters. The first project for the first SU300DP was working downstream of a client’s own desander in support of a diaphragm walling operation. The client, SPIE FONDATIONS, excavated the 45m deep panels at Quai d’Ivry in Paris using a grab through approximately 15m of clay and with a Hydrofraise through the remaining underlying limestone.

Emmanuel Perignon of SPIE commented: “We have been very pleased with the SU300DP, it was very efficient and its treatment capacity is much better than other desilters. The SU300 was really important for this job and saved us disposing of a lot of bentonite from the site.”  SPIE have gone on to request SU300DP for many projects since.

SU300DP double deck shakerThe SU300DP uses a new generation PSD high speed linear motion inverter controlled double deck shaker with in excess of 4.8m2 of screen area spread over the two inclined decks, each of which carry 4 No. interchangeable, pre-tensioned, woven stainless steel wire screen panels which are held in place by pneumatic clamping systems. 12 No. extra-long bodied high performance 5” hydrocyclones are fed by a Metso MM200 pump driven by a 55kW overhead mounted electric motor. The machine has an integral inverter controlled Metso MM200 discharge pump with 30kW motor and a staircase with handrails for access to the shaker module. The unit is capable of handling a flowrate of up to 300m3/hr and the shaker will handle up to 25t/hr of suitable solids with the appropriate screens fitted to the shaker.

The SU300DP transports as a single 20’ container sized unit and is ideally suite to a wide range of applications including working downstream of a desander for diaphragm walling or micro-tunnelling work.

The 2nd and 3rd machines were built soon after the first and have proved to be a success with clients in the UK and Europe. Click here to download the technical data sheet for the SU300DP.

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