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News : HDD in The Netherlands

SM400DP DesanderFollowing the successful use of PSD’s SUPERCLEAN mud cleaners in the UK, NACAP Nederland b.v. have rented a high capacity SM400DP desander from PSD to support their HDD project in Tholens, The Netherlands. NACAP used a 400 tonne rig working 24 hours to install a mud return line and to drill and ream a hole up to 61” to accept a 48” steel pipe. The drill, part of a gas pipeline project, was constructed through very fine sands and required a very high capacity desander from PSD to work upstream of NACAP’s own mud cleaner, due to the high solids production rate.
The job was completed in under 2 weeks and was a great success, enabling everyone to be home in time for Christmas.
Dirty mud is discharged on to a central primary screening deck dressed with 3mm apeture wedge wire or polyurethane screens. Mud passing through this screen falls into the pump tank below from where it is pumped to the hydrocyclone inlets by the HM150 pumps. The hydrocyclones discharge their underflows to two heavy duty 4.8m by 0.65m wide linear motion shaker decks for dewatering, the fluid passing through the screen falls into the pump tank below for recycling. Separated solids discharge off the front of the shaker. The hydrocyclone overflow passes to the pump tank where some is recycled and some passes to the MM200 discharge pump for onward transfer. The rate of solids removal from the SOLIDSMASTER®400DP is governed by the characteristics of the dirty mud but can be up to 100 tonnes/hour.
The SM400DP transports as 2 No. 20’ ISO container sized units and is supplied complete with access deck, electrical controls, lighting and discharge pump.

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